Proxima Parada: el Mundo

I´m Almudena, the person behind this project next stop: the WORLD.

I think I travel since I can remember, in fact my first trip was with 6 months, of course, because my parents who were the ones who took me to Alicante, but from then until today I tried not to stop traveling ever. With 15 years old I  decided o live the experience of living with an American family across the pond, and now I organize my own trips and anyone who asks me.

The reasons for a trip can be as many people as there are in this world but almost all of them could be included in; Wanting to know and explore, change our routine, a flight to something idyllic where to leave behind our problems,… but for me the most important thing to travel is: what you learn when discover other cultures, the tolerance  you develop when you see the truth through other eyes, the limit point you can reach with some experiences and where you discover a new self unknown to you so far, the development that your person acquires by knowing life in another way to what you were used to,…

Because the most important thing about traveling is living the experience, learning from it and remembering it, enjoying what you have lived and kearned. In short, and as a friend of mine says, because traveling makes you happy and wiser.

Traveling is something I do much less than I would like because in the end I am a person, as surely you, who have my job and I can only dedicate the days off. Still, I take any time to escape with my partner, friends, family and my dog in all those I can take her.

Besides all this I am an addict to adventures, (the more risky I like them), the crafts, parties and events, to Internet and to the kitchen… So if we mix all these hobbies we can say that I adore the search, organization and planning of a trip, try all the different flavors and dishes offered by different cultures, and because I do not underscore with it my parties.

I invite you to get lost among my travels… Next stop: the world,